Sunday, 23 May 2010

i want this hair. NAOOW !

does anyone know where i can download this hairr??! i want it soo bad !! its the closest i've found to my RL hair. if you do know, could you also post a link and i will love you forever.

i just found this on the exchange now, shes called Maria(neu) by SunnyMausy. i'll post the link just because i stoled her pic. ^__^

so'k i gots it !! ;D

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

ιllιlı. sтεячσsıмs .ιllιı

i've started a new competition xD

feel free to join in, im trying to fill 10 spaces you see.
you can read the description for more details, but its basically this :

i will announce a trait every assignment
you have too use your chosen sim to make them look it as much as possible
the judges will be judging : facial expression, action, environment and clothing

hoping to get a few more sign ups today !

you can join >> HERE ! <<


thinking of starting a legacy or a story soon. i've been bored recently, and writing a story sounds fun ;] at least it'll give me something to do.

sa far :

i have the name
the founder
the empty lot

so im all sorted xD

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Prodject : go to hell.

on behalf of ellie and many, many other simmers,
the exchange hasnt been working properly for days now :{
it takes way more that 24 hours for your creation to reach the exchange and even then they get pushed out of 'today' as soon as there up by the creations which are queing to get in too. its really bugging me now. AND mediafire isnt working. urghh - so my CC site is acting up ;l

and its his fault >:]

Friday, 14 May 2010

new simself :D

heyy, i mades a new simself >_< cant wait to get her onto the exchange, but its still lagging, for me anyways. out of the range of Luciee78 simselves, shes probably the most similar. well, ish.

her faces are so awesome ! shes always looks really shocked/happy. ahh.

she was also very keen to show me the insides of her face.